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Surfrider Foundation

Opening Night Proceeds Benefit Surfrider Foundation


20% of Opening Night Sales Donated

by Matt Beard 
Funds Raised: $195
Nonprofit: Surfrider Foundation

AidCurrent artist Matt Beard recently embarked on a three week long road trip down the entire California coast stopping to paint roughly every 50 miles. The resulting 32 paintings made up the show Free Range: California and were shown in his gallery in Arcata for one week only where he offered to donate 20% of any opening night sales to the Surfrider Foundation.  

Surfrider Foundation’s San Diego Chapter Art Gala: 2015

San Diego's Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has been steadily recruiting artists to donate work for years for what has become an annual ritual of art for nonprofit activity that has at times involved most, if not all of our current roster of artists.

If artists giving of their talents to help make their world a better place is something of interest to you and you're in the area when these folks put on their next art gala, do yourself a favor and get your body in the room to enjoy it for yourself. You will be stoked.



Artist: Erik Abel
Funds Raised: $1,500
Nonprofit: Surfrider Foundation's San Diego Chapter

Erik Abel generously donated the two original pieces below to Surfrider San Diego's annual art gala in 2013 as well as a 24x36" canvas print for their 2015 gala held on May 8, 2015.  







Artist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $350
Nonprofit: Surfrider Foundation's San Diego Chapter

"Surfrider foundation is a group of surfers on a mission raise awareness about the growing problem of ocean pollution. Each year they have an Art Gala to raise funds for the San Diego Chapter and for many years I have donated art."

-Wade Koniakowsky