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Wade Koniakowsky


Jan 1, 2014


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Artwork by Wade Koniakowsky Raises $10,000 for Navy Seals Foundation

hansens-navy-sealsArtist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $10,000
Nonprofit: Navy Seals Foundation

AidCurrent artist Wade Koniakowsky recently teamed up with surfboard shaper Craig Hollingsworth to create a unique surfboard-as-art tribute to those who have risked (and those who have lost) their lives while serving their country in the armed forces. The board was auctioned at the annual Navy Seals Foundation Gala in Hawaii on September 10, 2016 and sold for $10,000.

Congratulations Wade and Craig, many thanks for offering your talents to support the Navy Seals Foundation that exists to provide support to the families of soldiers.

Artwork by Wade Koniakowsky raises $1,100 for UCSD’s Moore’s Cancer Center

vip-partyArtist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $1,100
Nonprofit: UCSD’s Moore’s Cancer Center

In an annual tradition, AidCurrent artist Wade Koniakowsky once again set up his easel at the VIP party for UCSD’s Moore’s Cancer Center’s fundraising event, the Luau & Legends of Surfing Invitational. Each year he paints into the evening as the crowd of surfing legends and Cancer Center supporters watch. A few items are usually auctioned off that night, including his artwork which this year managed to fetch $1,100 for the cause.

In a world where nobody is untouched by Cancer in some way or another, we offer our highest thanks and appreciation to Wade for his ongoing efforts to help the folks at UCSD press on for a cure to the devastating illness in all of its forms.

Over $90,000 raised!


Funds Raised: Over 90,000!
Nonprofit: Lots of them!

Since launching AidCurrent almost 3 years ago, just a handful of artists raised over $90,000 for various nonprofits and charities. 

We think that's pretty neat.

Art can do more, and we're not stopping any time soon...


Hand Painted Surfboard Auctioned to support California Surf Museum

Greg Noll Board LR Final

Artist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $1,900
Nonprofit: California Surf Museum

The theme of the California Surf Museum's 8th Annual Gala Fundraiser was "GOING BIG".  AidCurrent artist Wade Koniakowsky did just that with this hand-painted homage to surfing legend Greg Noll. Congrats on a beautiful work Wade, and thanks for supporting the work of the California Surf Museum.


Artwork Auctioned to Support Cancer Research and Treatment


Artist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $3,000
Nonprofit: UCSD's Moore's Cancer Center

Each August, the Luau & Longboard Invitational brings together some of the most respected men and women in surfing history with business leaders, scientists, local politicians and national celebrities to "Surf for a Cure." The mission of the: Luau is to

  1. Raise money for cancer research and care.
  2. Raise cancer awareness.
  3. Have fun!

In 2015, Koniakowsky finished a painting of the local coastline at the VIP party and donated it to the cause bringing in a solid $3000.

Promotional Event Artwork helps raise funds for Cancer Research and Treatment

Survivor Beach Poster

Artist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $4,000
Nonprofit: UCSD's Moore's Cancer Center

Survivor Beach is a SUP race to raise funds and create awareness about the UCSD John Moores Cancer center’s research and treatment options and to support cancer patients in their struggles with the disease. In 2015 AidCurrent Artist Wade Koniakowsky created the even'ts official promotional image, an original painting and the design for posters, t-shirts, and a variety of other Marketing materials which altogether brought in a conservative estimate of $4000 for the cause. 

Surfrider Foundation’s San Diego Chapter Art Gala: 2015

San Diego's Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has been steadily recruiting artists to donate work for years for what has become an annual ritual of art for nonprofit activity that has at times involved most, if not all of our current roster of artists.

If artists giving of their talents to help make their world a better place is something of interest to you and you're in the area when these folks put on their next art gala, do yourself a favor and get your body in the room to enjoy it for yourself. You will be stoked.



Artist: Erik Abel
Funds Raised: $1,500
Nonprofit: Surfrider Foundation's San Diego Chapter

Erik Abel generously donated the two original pieces below to Surfrider San Diego's annual art gala in 2013 as well as a 24x36" canvas print for their 2015 gala held on May 8, 2015.  







Artist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $350
Nonprofit: Surfrider Foundation's San Diego Chapter

"Surfrider foundation is a group of surfers on a mission raise awareness about the growing problem of ocean pollution. Each year they have an Art Gala to raise funds for the San Diego Chapter and for many years I have donated art."

-Wade Koniakowsky