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Are you a visual artist who enjoys seeing your art benefit others?

By joining AidCurrent, you can make those donations you make to charities and other good causes work for you.  As you share what your art has done for various nonprofits and other good causes that you believe in, you build your individual legacy for good, and contribute to the greater collective story of the power of art to help others and change the world.

Talk can be cheap, but the numbers don't lie.

We believe there is strength in numbers.

Welcome aboard.

All are artists are welcome to get started using the AidCurrent platform today.

Use the form below to enter your most recent fundraising totals, and make this a regular part of your fundraising routine.

Let's do more with art.


Does it cost anything to join AidCurrent?
No. All artists are free to use the fundraising form to post the total amounts raised for various nonprofits through their art. Raffles, donations, percentages of sales, it's all  good. If you're art brings in some money, post it here and watch your totals grow over time as you continue to add to them with each opportunity to use your art for good.

What do I get from joining AidCurrent?
When your total reaches $10,000 we will create a dedicated profile page for you at no charge. This is a page you can link to from your website that will show visitors your commitment to doing more with your art.  It will feature a selection of your work, a short bio, and updated stats on your current giving totals. If you're using a wordpress site, we can also provide instruction and code to display your personal giving totals in real-time on your own website.

Is there any way to get a profile before I reach that elusive $10,000 mark?
Yes, for a one-time charge of $95 we will set one up for you at any time.
Start that conversation here, and we'll make it happen.

What's the point of keeping track of these totals anyway?
As artists we often use our work to support various nonprofits for nothing in return but some exposure and a high-five. That's all well and good, but with totals that accumulate over time, we believe that even the smallest donations will continue to work for us for years to come by being part of this larger story of the power of art in today's world.

I am an artist listed in the fund-raising totals, but I didn't provide that information to AidCurrent. How did this happen?
Occasionally artists show up on our radar that are doing amazing work and using it to benefit others. If you're listed on here, it's because we dig your work and you posted somewhere on social media or the wider interwebs about what your work was able to raise for a nonprofit. One way or another it came to our attention and when we see that stuff going on, we add it on here. If you don't want to be listed, we can remove you at any time, just say the word. But we hope you'll be stoked to be part of this and we encourage you to add your future art-as-fundraiser opportunities to the site with this form. Cheers!