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Save the Waves Coalition’s Newest Artist Ambassador: Matt Beard

Artists are often asked to donate artwork for nonprofits’ events and fundraisers, and at AidCurrent¬†we celebrate every success story where art can be of greater benefit to a world in need. We don’t often hear of nonprofits reaching out to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with the artists though, so when we heard that Save the Waves Coalition had been doing just that with artists (and surfers even) ambassador program we took notice.

When asked about his new ambassadorial role with Save the Waves, AidCurrent artist Matt Beard responds a bit nervously, “Oh man, I’ve never ambassadored anything, I hope I don’t blow it. Will there be tacos?”

Putting two and two together though, it’s a perfect match when you consider Save the Waves Coalition’s role in preserving the natural state of coastlines worldwide, and Matt Beard’s emphasis in his art on documenting the California coast.

We’re looking forward to seeing where this collaboration goes in the future, but for now, we’d just like to congratulate Matt Beard on his fancy new title, joining the ranks of other Save the Waves ambassadors like AidCurrent artist Erik Abel, professional surfer Greg Long, and a host of others.