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Music Festival Artwork helps Save the Waves

grass-fed-1500x2000pxArtist: Matt Stanton Beard
Funds Raised: $230
Nonprofit: Save the Waves Coalition

There is an incredibly rich visual tradition in music festival posters. This original painting by Matt Stanton Beard was his most recent contribution to that tradition when he donated the use of the art to the Save the Waves Coalition’s annual Redgate Ranch Music Fest 2016.

In regards to creating artwork for music events Beard states, “music event posters are a great opportunity for me to breakaway from my usual subjects and throw any curveball that comes to mind. There really are no rules or boundaries in the genre, so I always look forward to these pieces for the freedom they inherently provide.”

Speaking of operating without rules or boundaries, we’re pretty sure there’s no rule against an artist donating 20% of the sale of an original painting to anyone they should choose. In this case Beard took the liberty of donating back to the Save the Waves Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving our coastlines.