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Twenty Twenty-One – SOLD

$ 5,500.00

Artist: Matt Beard
Size: 30″ x 30″
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Nonprofit Beneficiary: Humboldt CASA


Artist’s Statement:

“This is a follow up piece to a painting I did back in 2020. That one was a little darker, a little stormier, a little more 2020. This one is 2021. It’s still dark and stormy but there is a break in the clouds at least for a moment.  I was thinking about the power of the ocean and how in spite of it’s beauty, it really doesn’t care about you at all and if you find yourself in the wrong place out there, well, you’re in a heap of trouble.

“It may be a beautiful world for all of us at times, but just like the ocean, if you find yourself in the wrong situation, the world at large doesn’t care much for us either.

“The house in the distance is the local U.S. Coast Guard headquarters on Humboldt Bay. They’ve saved a lot of lives over the years when people found themselves in the wrong place at sea.

“I’d never painted the iconic building on the bay here even though it’s just down the hill from my home. This has been a hard year and a half where we’ve all stayed closer to home than maybe we would have liked for a lot longer than we would have liked so it seemed appropriate. Also this painting is being auctioned to benefit Humboldt CASA, so of course it needed a house in there somewhere.

“But the real deal is that just like the Coast Guard is always there and ready to help us when we find ourselves in trouble at sea, so the folks at CASA are doing something heroic for kids who find themselves in trouble in life, without family, and in a world that doesn’t always care. CASA is there to advocate for these kids when nobody else is stepping up.  And that is worth honoring. So there you go.”

-Matt Beard

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The Fine Print:

  • This is a 30″ x 30″ original painting on stretched canvas that was painted live at the Eagle House on May 21 and 22 for Humboldt CASA.
  • The painting is framed with a rustic wood edge (not shown) and ready to hang and enjoy.
  • The winning bid will be split 50/50 with Humboldt CASA and the artist.