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AidCurrent Artist Profile: Erik Abel

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$15,812$6.23Jan 1, 2014

Erik Abel is an artist and surfer living on the rugged Oregon Coast. He’s spent the last 20 years surfing around the world, painting, and designing art.  Sliding around on waves and pushing paint have been the two most influential aspects of Abel’s life. His focus on fundraising for ocean-related nonprofits allows him to use his creative talents to support causes he believes in.

Preferred Nonprofits:

Location: Seaside, OR



Artist's Statement:

For me, creating art is an endless journey of self-discovery, experimentation, learning and focus.  It’s a challenge that will never be conquered or solved. But this makes it sound more serious than it really is.

My inspiration is based in nature, the ocean and the simple fascination of how shapes and colors interact.  Much of my work originates from the pursuit of visual balance as well as the need to find my “happy place” to escape the worlds problems.

Being creative and manifesting thoughts and ideas into reality is a process that gives me energy. It’s a pure state of mind. It’s something that I can be passionate and excited about. And I’m lucky enough to call it a career.

Thoughts on Giving with Art:

Over the last several years I’ve realized how important it is to be able to support causes I care about through my art.  I have always believed that art-making is a very selfish activity. By participating in and creating projects that help environmental organizations raise more funds to do what they do best, I am able to use my talents to make a positive impact for the things I’m passionate about.