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World Surf Reserves Posters: A Symbiosis of Art and Activism

Artist: Erik Abel
Funds Raised: $655.75
Nonprofit: Save the Waves

AidCurrent artist Erik Abel recently designed a series of posters commemorating the five most recent World Surf Reserves that Save the Waves has protected through their programs. The regions they have worked to preserve are some of the most beautiful in the world. Add to their beauty a few quality waves and you have an recipe to inspire any artist worth their surf wax.

Erik Abel answered the call of inspiration and went above and beyond with this series of posters designed to bring attention to the work that Save the Waves is doing around the globe. The fact that these posters are raising critical funds for Save the Waves to continue their work only makes the symbiosis that much more meaningful.

Each poster features an iconic symbol of the location, honoring both the break and the local culture. The posters are being sold here through Save the Waves to raise funds for their ongoing conservation work. Abel has generously agreed to donate 75% of sales of these incredibly epic posters to Save the Waves. Get one while you can!