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We love to hear how artists are engaging their artwork to meet needs in the world. We believe their stories are worth telling and hope you enjoy hearing about them as well.

Over $90,000 raised!


Funds Raised: Over 90,000!
Nonprofit: Lots of them!

Since launching AidCurrent almost 3 years ago, just a handful of artists raised over $90,000 for various nonprofits and charities. 

We think that's pretty neat.

Art can do more, and we're not stopping any time soon...


Jon Baker Raises $9,150 for DRCF: Art as a Secret Weapon

paddleArtist: Jon Baker
Funds Raised: $9,150
Nonprofit: Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation

As he has done for the last few years, AidCurrent artist Jon Baker participated in this year’s Paddle For A Cause, a 22.5 mile course around Absecon Island, New Jersey to benefit the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation.

You know the drill, everyone paddling is encouraged to get sponsors to donate to the cause and a friendly competition is born around who can raise the most at the event. Being an artist, Jon Baker doesn’t think inside the lines and instead of just soliciting donations, he offered raffle tickets to win one of his original paintings. Art as a secret weapon. Sneaky bugger. WE LOVE THIS!!

When the dust settled and it was time to paddle, it’s no surprise that Jon was the top fundraiser at this years event. Due to extremely difficult wind conditions he (like many others) was unable to complete the paddle this year, but his stoke was nonetheless undeterred, “the real race was won by being able to raise money for those who needed it most!”

We love Jon’s art, and we proudly salute his creative and generous spirit on behalf of those facing cancer today.

Welcome Jon Baker!

Stoked to have this fellow on board. You’ll dig what he’s up to with his art these days… stay posted for more soon!

Artwork by Matt Beard Benefits Pastor Sumo Sato


Title: Body of Water
Size: 20" x 20"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artist: Matt Beard
Funds Raised: $750
Benefiting: Sumo Sato Fundraiser

AidCurrent artist Matt Beard was recently asked to donate artwork to an auction fundraiser to benefit Orange County pastor Sumo Sato, who is battling cancer. Beard had never met this pastor, but grew up surfing the crumbly beachbreak out front from Don the Beachcomber's in Sunset Beach, CA where the auction event was to be held on April 9th, 2016, and he felt moved to participate.

The request was for a piece of work containing a cross or crucifix. It's not everyday someone requests this subject so Beard was intrigued how it might turn out. "Body of Water" is his original work interpreting that pivotal moment in history.

In proper AidCurrent fashion he didn't just donate the work and wait to see what it brought in at the auction, he actively sought bidders through his own personal social media outlets and managed to put an offer of $750 on the table before the auction even started.  The offer held at auction and he was able to see the entire $750 donated to Sumo Sato to help in his time of need. Good work, Beard.

Matt Beard Art Posters Free with $20 Nonprofit Donation


Artist: Matt Beard
Funds Raised: $300
Nonprofit: Humboldt Surfrider

AidCurrent artist Matt Beard offered 18" x 24" posters of his painting "First Light" (shown here) along with 5 others for free with a $20 donation to Humboldt Surfrider at a Holiday event. The Surfrider folks had $300 in the jar by the end of the night and everyone was stoked. Apparently it's a thing now. Show up at his shop in Arcata, CA and make a donation on your mobile phone to the nonprofit of your choice, and he'll send you out with one of these beauties for absolutely nothing but a high-five. If you live in the area or are just passing through, don't miss the chance to get in on this! 

Hand Painted Surfboard Auctioned to support California Surf Museum

Greg Noll Board LR Final

Artist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $1,900
Nonprofit: California Surf Museum

The theme of the California Surf Museum's 8th Annual Gala Fundraiser was "GOING BIG".  AidCurrent artist Wade Koniakowsky did just that with this hand-painted homage to surfing legend Greg Noll. Congrats on a beautiful work Wade, and thanks for supporting the work of the California Surf Museum.


Live Art Collaboration Benefits Food For People



36" x 36"
Acrylic on Canvas
Matt Stanton Beard (collaboration with Spencer Reynolds) 
Funds Raised: $183.90
Nonprofit: Food For People

AidCurrent artist Matt Stanton Beard recently teamed up with long time art buddy Spencer Reynolds to create this piece to benefit Food For People during a night of Music, Art and Charity at the Redwood Curtain Brewery in Arcata, sponsored by the folks at Eidon and the Neighborhood Board Shop. 

The two artists had never previously collaborated on a single work before, and with the pressures and distractions of painting live in a noisy, busy, and alcohol fueled setting, they were both a little shocked at how well this piece turned out in the end. Pushing through doubts and adversity is part of what art is all about, and the fact that some hungry folks will be fed in the coming weeks through their efforts makes the final result all the more satisfying.

We'll try to get these two together for some future collaborations. Stay tuned for more.

Opening Night Proceeds Benefit Surfrider Foundation


20% of Opening Night Sales Donated

by Matt Beard 
Funds Raised: $195
Nonprofit: Surfrider Foundation

AidCurrent artist Matt Beard recently embarked on a three week long road trip down the entire California coast stopping to paint roughly every 50 miles. The resulting 32 paintings made up the show Free Range: California and were shown in his gallery in Arcata for one week only where he offered to donate 20% of any opening night sales to the Surfrider Foundation.  

Artwork by Matt Beard Raises $14,000 for Cancer Research and Treatment

"Scripps and Salsa"

36" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas
by Matt Beard 
Funds Raised: $14,000
Nonprofit: UCSD's Moore's Cancer Center

AidCurrent artist Matt Beard painted and donated this studio piece to the 2015 Legends of Surfing Invitational & Luau held at the Scripps Pier in La Jolla, CA. The event raises funds each year for UCSD’s Moore’s Cancer Center. This piece was the official event artwork for the year and raised $14,000 in the live auction. Here's what Matt Beard had to say about it:

"Holy moly."

Artwork Auctioned to Support Cancer Research and Treatment


Artist: Wade Koniakowsky
Funds Raised: $3,000
Nonprofit: UCSD's Moore's Cancer Center

Each August, the Luau & Longboard Invitational brings together some of the most respected men and women in surfing history with business leaders, scientists, local politicians and national celebrities to "Surf for a Cure." The mission of the: Luau is to

  1. Raise money for cancer research and care.
  2. Raise cancer awareness.
  3. Have fun!

In 2015, Koniakowsky finished a painting of the local coastline at the VIP party and donated it to the cause bringing in a solid $3000.