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About Us

We are artists.
And nothing more.
We are passionate about our art.
We live in the same broken world as you do.
We are doing what we can.
And nothing less.
We are artists.

AidCurrent was created to tell our stories and showcase our collective contributions to a world in need. From environmental disasters to humanitarian crises, from global problems to individuals facing momentous personal hardships, the needs around us often seem to have no limits. But neither does creativity. Art vs. Evil. Game on.

Each AidCurrent artist is fighting their own battle in their own way. They are on the front lines along with countless others to make a stand against all that is wrong in the world. No one is responsible for all of it, but each of us is responsible for our small part. Each small contribution of art is like a small stream flowing into a larger river. That is what AidCurrent is all about.

AidCurrent itself is nothing. We are not a nonprofit. We are not an organization. We aren't even really a collective. And we are certainly not a business. AidCurrent is simply a website designed to tell our stories and provide an easy-to-use interface for us to keep tabs on what we're doing with our art to benefit others.

We hope you like what you see here and whether you purchase any art from these talented folks or simply wish them well, we hope you leave this site inspired to give more to a world in need.




Wait, so AidCurrent is just a site for artists to post how much money they've donated to charities?

NO! We have no idea how much money these artists have donated from their income, that's their own personal business. AidCurrent exists only to show what their art itself has done in the world. Personal donations the artists have made are not reflected here. 

Is AidCurrent a non-profit organization?

No, we are just artists who like to help out where we can.

Can I donate to AidCurrent directly?

Of course you can. We don't need much, but we do spend a few dollars making this site work, so it's nice to know you appreciate it. Feel free to get generous here.

Are donations to AidCurrent tax-deductible? 

No. That’s the short answer. The long answer is similar – nooooo.  We aren't a nonprofit, remember?

I want to purchase artwork from an AidCurrent artist. How do I know the donation will be made?

They will send you an email copy of the donation confirmation they receive from the nonprofit once they make the donation. This should happen before you receive your artwork from the purchase. If you receive your art but haven't heard from them about the donation, ask them about it. Artists tend to forget little details like that.

Can I make the donation myself and use that as credit toward purchasing the art that I'm interested in?

Sure thing. We like the way you think. 


These FAQ’s are no good, I have other questions.

OK, fire away then. Contact us by email here. We’d be stoked to hear from you.